Knights Templar in Florence and Chianti

In this booklet we have gathered much of the information we collected during the research for three documentary films dedicated to the presence of the Knights Templar in Florence, Siena and Chianti.

In the first part of the book we analyze the legend of the Ashes of the last Grand Master of the Temple, evaluating the hypothesis that they were carried out in Florence. Or, in any case, that some kind of post-Templar spirituality was preserved in Florence.

This would have happened after the Italian trial, that took place in Florence in 1311, the salient passages of which we will recount. After the trial, the many Templar churches and houses were taken over by other orders. But according to local legends, some Templars or lay brothers continued to live in almost secret places in Chianti. The Templars already had hospitals in these areas, along the Francigena, on the Romea, and perhaps even in the mountains of San Michele.

Templars Knight in Florence and Chianti

Templars in Florence and Chianti

«The question of the so-called “ashes” of Jacques De Molay, the last Templar Grand Master, has had in recent centuries mainly metaphorical characters and pertaining to esotericism. Basically, the “ashes” have been understood as the philosophical remnants of the Templar tradition, later assumed by initiatory groups and especially Masonic organizations. Numerous legends arose in this regard during the 18th-19th centuries, especially in Scotland, England and France.

The intention to reset the search for the “ashes” in a historical and even archaeological sense, thus treating them as an object that actually exist, seems to correspond to an all-too-recent approach, scarcely practiced in the past, much less in Italy.

The reasons for this “lack” are, after all, obvious. On the one hand, the vagueness of the clues, the scarcity of documentary footholds, and the strong likelihood that the remains in question () »

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