di Enio Pecchioni

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Five works edited by Enio Pecchioni in the ’80’s
years of twentieth century

– The Etruscan language riddle
– The etruscan religion riddle
– The Cult of Isis in ancient Fiesole
– The Fairies’ Holes and the discovery of the roman Theatre at Fiesole
– The Fronton of the etruscan temple of Talamone at the Florence Archeological Museoum

Mr. Enio Pecchioni, ordinary member of the Archaeologic Florentine Group, investigates history from long time; he wrote Storia di Fiesole (1979), Il Ducato Longobardo di Fiesole (1981), Antiche Curiosità Fiorentine (1990) and much more. History investigation on the Etruscan civilization made good progress in the last decades, but the works of Enio Pecchioni have an historical value in relation to the time he wrote.This edifying literature was held by the author to a close group of students at Gonzaga University in Florence.

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